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Max Payne 3 review

   This is going to be my first review of many. Max payne 3 is the third game in the series developed by rockstar, which the game was initially developed by remedy. this is a third person Action title, just like the previous. the game follows max as a security agent for a wealthy family called the “Brancos”, but as you can guess things go haywire, and not everything is as it seems. the story in my opinion is Fantastic, its one of those stories that you really have to pay attention to. this really warrants second or third playthroughs, as you will most likely catch something you missed. The dialogue is also top notch, probably one of the games strongest points. I love hearing max talk and his inner monologues. Correct me if im wrong but i dont remember max being this funny? i have never laughed at a characters jokes as much as i did max’s. The voice actor james mcaffrey really brought the character to life, and giving max a very dark sense of humor. The Gameplay is also top notch, and brings back the old max payne feel. Max Payne was notorious for bringing the shoot dodge gameplay to videogames, and rockstar shows that it still is king. Max payne feels alot more heavier and more realistic in his shoot dodge form. i really enjoyed the gameplay and the script and dialogue. I also enjoyed how the game feels like a long action movie. I felt like i was in a michael mann film, or in a die hard film. I enjoyed the little things like max looking physically damaged as chapters progressed, or how when you switch to a pistol he holds the pistol in one hand and his rifle in the other. One of the highlights of the game are when you go into these superb slow motion set pieces that just make the game epic! Many people were complaining about the setting of max payne, because the previous two were darker and more noir. I really enjoyed the settings and felt it kept the gameplay fresh and brought a more modern spin to the franchise, and made it more movie like. Lastly, the multiplayer was fun but could have been executed better. The multiplayer felt like it needed a little bit more polish,but since the singleplayer was so great it doesnt take nothing away from it. I do think the multiplayer is still fun and i really enjoy the game modes, and would like to see other games multiplayers include moodes like this. All in all Max Payne 3 is one of my favorites of this year and i think everyone should try it out if you enjoy action shooters!

Score- 8.75

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Starting blog

so i was thinking, since i love writing and am passionate about the things i enjoy doing why dont i make my blog about reviews about the things i enjoy? this will probably include videogames, movies, comics, statues and such. Hopefully i can get people interested and find people with similar interest! so if you have any questions or concerns, msg me! and enjoy